Condition of our parts and minifigs

Our NEW parts and minifigs are brand-new. They come right out of the box.

If we sell something as USED, the following rules apply, unless otherwise noted:

No broken parts.  

No yellowed parts.  


No bite marks.   

No faded prints.  

No bended parts.  

No dirty parts.   

Please note, that all parts might have small scratches - for example USED parts after they were stored several years in a box full of other Legos.

Especially transparent parts get scratched easily - if a good look is very important to you, you better might want to buy NEW transparent parts.

Condition of our instructions

Like a part, if an instruction is sold as NEW, it comes right out of the box.

If an instruction is sold as USED, we rate it in the following 3 steps:

1.: The overall condition is rated with a number from 0 (worst) to 10 (best).

2.: The look of the instruction is rated with the term "Strongly used" (worst), "Medium used"; "Slightly used" or "Perfect condition" (best).

3.: In addition, every small damage is also listed in the description.


"Condition [10/10]: Perfect condition": Looks like new.

"Condition [7/10]: Slightly used, punchholed, pen marks on first page": Is in an overall good condition, but is punchholed and has pen marks.

"Condition [6/10]: Medium used, punchholed several times": This still looks okay, but someone practiced how to use a hole puncher on this.

"Condition [4/10]: Strongly used, big tears, pen marks.": This one is definitely not a beauty, but even with the pen marks and the tears, you will be able to build the set with no problem.

"Condition [1/10]: Strongly used, several big tears, middle page missing, big dog-ears": Looks like it just had a fight with a cat, but it's probably just the instruction you were looking for. Take a close look to the description - you might not be able to build the complete set! This is something for the hardcore collector.